We commit to fast the first three days of the month to give God the first fruits of our time! This ongoing commitment reminds us of the importance of humbling ourselves and denying our flesh as a spiritual discipline so that we can live Spirit-led lives. 

Mark 9:29 -  "And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting." – Scripture reminds us that some victories will only be seen as we commit to the discipline of prayer and fasting.

WE DO NOT FAST to change God’s mind or to get results. We fast so that we can hear clearly from God that we may receive the instructions and strategy for walking in victory! Victory that aligns with His will for our lives.


Wednesday, May 1st – Friday, May 3rd from 6am – 6pm 

  • Each day we will have water only from 6am – 6pm 

  • During the times we’re not fasting (from 6pm to 6am), we will commit to clean eating and nourishing our bodies with fruits, vegetables, and protein—no processed foods!

  • Review the Prayer Document attached to the email

CLICK HERE to join our 6am daily prayer Friday-Sunday or use the Zoom info below!

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Meeting ID: 86350044032


  • Plan ahead; organize your food/meals, prayer points, times, etc.

  • Focus: Avoid TV, social media, and distractions, and stay focused on this time that you’ve dedicated to God. We must actively reject the temptation of busyness during this time.

  • Attend prayer, our corporate morning prayer time each day, and select additional prayer times throughout your day!

  • Journal what you’re hearing and seeing throughout this time dedicated to God. 

  • Remember, without faith, we cannot please God; keep your Spirit strong and full of faith for what you believe to be accomplished throughout this fast. We must have faith that God sees and hears us and will be faithful to respond to His people. (Hebrews 6:11)

  • Clean hands and pure hearts: stay out of gossip, arguments, and ungodly conversations that open doors to the enemy.

  • Remember, worship is a weapon!

  • Meditate on God’s Word! Recite scripture out loud, and declare the Word over your life.